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Keep You Warm In Winter With Compact Size Portable Fan Heater

Handy Heater is a compact space heating option that will heat any room in your home without taking up a lot of space or drastically increasing your electricity bill. It is extremely portable making it convenient to carry while travelling


1. Set the timer to program the automatic shutdown. Programmable 12-Hour Timer.

2. Adjust the speed of the fans to radiate the heat. Digital LED Display

3. It starts to warm immediately. Quick And Easy Heat – Instantly. Plugs In And Turn On.

4. Adjustable temperature: The wind speed will be displayed by digital LED. You can adjust the temperature at any time according to your needs to keep the temperature at the best level.

5. More suitable scenarios: office, bedroom, bathroom, living room, car and many other places, this heater can be easily and quickly heated.


Handy Heater is a perfect solution for all cold spaces, at work, home or on holiday. Whether you’re doing a spot of DIY in a shed, car maintenance in the garage or just sitting at a desk in a cold office space, all you need is a standard plug socket to surround yourself with warm, cosy air. No cables, no wheels and no bulky heating units to get in your way. Just direct, comfy heat straight from the wall!

The infrared heating element of Handy Heater is incredibly efficient because it uses a lot less energy than standard, larger heaters. Only 350-400 watts will give you a temperature range of up to 32°C, and it’s fully programmable so you can set the perfect temperature, easily read from the LED display, to suit the conditions. Plus, because of the clever way Handy Heater is made, there is a built-in safety cut off to prevent overheating and the outer casing stays cool to the touch so you can unplug it and take it with you, straight away.

But that’s not all! Handy Heater also comes with a timer function so you can pre-set the amount of time you want it to heat for, and then it will turn off automatically. Great for warming you while you get to sleep, pre-heating a chilly corner of a room while the rest of the house heats up, or just giving you peace of mind that you can set it and forget it and it won’t stay on all night when you’ve gone! 

So, if you’re out and about, camping or working in a cold space or just want your own personal heat that you can take anywhere with you, Handy Heater is the perfect little heater for you!


Body Material : Plastic, Metal
Climate Control: Yes
Colour: Black
Coverage Area : 250sq ft
Grille Material: Metal

Power Specification: 

Maximum Power Consumption: 350W or 400W
Overheat Protection: Yes

Package Contains: 

1 Handy Heater
1 User Manual  
1 US Converter Plug




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