Adjustable shoulder Support Brace for soreness, Sprain and pain relief


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Shoulder support by SeaHawk is a uniquely designed product to provide aid & brace the shoulder after shoulder dislocation or subluxation...

Copper Compression Gear sleeves are extremely comfortable and can be worn every day to help you recover faster, reduce pain, and get the support you need! Deliver effective hot or cold therapy for muscle and joint soreness, stiffness, and pain with this Copper Fit Rapid Relief Wrap. It lets you remain mobile during recovery. The included form-fitting, anatomically designed gel pack fits into the insulated pouch on the adjustable compression sleeve. It supports improved circulation and oxygenation of working muscles. It helps prevent strain and fatigue and reduces recovery time by keeping muscles warm. The copper-infused fabric helps eliminate odor and wicks sweat away from the body to prevent chafing and rashes. The gel pack remains pliable whether hot or cold. 

  • Unisex design, fits both left & right shoulder – The unisex design of orthopedic care shoulder brace perfectly fits right and left shoulders. Easy to put on and adjust to the right size. The adjustable straps and buckles make the right and left shoulder brace fit you perfectly
  • Pressure pad for cold or hot therapy pack – Choose the level of compression and add cold or hot therapy pack to the pressure pad. The mens shoulder brace dulls the pain and provides relief and speeds up recovery.
  • Durable materials & Innovative design – Uswellcare rotator cuff brace offers best quality and result. Strong, durable materials of the left & right shoulder brace for men & women protects shoulder from further injury, fixes the injured shoulder.
  • Breathable neoprene for highest comfort – Thanks to the breathable materials and proper circulation of air, the The rotator cuff support brace give best result in the shortest time. It doesn’t cause discomfort like sweating and overheating of the injured part.
  • The specially designed removable gel pads fit into adjustable form-fitting compression sleeves that bend and move with you, so you stay flexible and mobile
  • It supports improved circulation and oxygenation of working muscles.
  • Copper infused Flexible form-fitting design moves with you
  • Effective hot or cold therapy for muscle and joint soreness, stiffness and pain with this Copper Fit Rapid Relief Wrap
  • BECAUSE YOUR LIFE MATTERS TO US Couple of months ago my athletic friend, Kim, hurt his limb badly while playing soccer. He visited many doctors and got multiple treatments but to no good. One of his teammate recommended him the shoulder brace. In a matter of few months, Kim came back to the field, more fit than ever. Thanks to the shoulder brace!
  • SOLUTION FOR YOUR CHANGE Shoulder brace helps to treat rotator cuff injuries, arthritis, frozen shoulder syndrome, shoulder dislocation, tendonitis, bursitis and back strain. Shoulder brace can help by compressing the shoulder joint to reduce inflammation, correcting postural habits that leads to pain, keeps the shoulder elevated to improve blood flow while also working as a shoulder stabilizer.
  • ACTIVATE YOU HEALTH Shoulder brace is made up of neoprene combined with breathability benefits. It can be fully adjusted to vary the amount of tension required to suit the user. It allows for dual adjustment of both the upper arm and main strap. It includes compartmental space for cold or hot packs.
  • EXCELLENCE IS OUR SPECIALITY Apart from being suitable for all genders, we have made sure that there is little or no chemical smell from the material. It is suitable for arm size 9.8” – 16.1” and chest size 33”- 45” We have personally tested the strap to make sure that it doesn’t dig and roll under the arms. We have also made sure that the Velcro tab doesn’t open to cause inconvenience to our dear customers.
  • SHOULDER PAIN RELIEF: Built-in infrared heat therapy pad can warm your shoulder and promote blood circulation, relieve pain caused by the frozen shoulder, torn rotator cuff, sprain, tendonitis, paralysis, strain, stiff, soreness. It could relax the shoulder muscles and help to recover more quickly.
  • INNOVATIVE FOUR-CORNER COMPRESSION PAD DESIGN - Our innovative four-corner compression pad is made of elastic neoprene, gently stretch the four corners and stick the hook&loop, you will get more compact and more tight-fitting protection.
  • SHOULDER PAIN RELIEF FOR ICE OR HOT - If you address your shoulder tendonitis early enough, you can follow on your own are Rest, Ice and Posture. We design a build-in heating pad and a mesh bag to hold an ice pack (NOTE: not include ice pack)
  • SOFT, ADJUSTABLE, COMFORT TO WEAR - Dual breathable neoprene material loop design for two-way adjustment can be worn on the left or right shoulder for men and women. 


Package Included:

1 x One side shoulder belt