3-in-1 Instant Hair Styling Brush


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Straightening of hair is a hair styling technique to straighten your curly, frizzy hair and give a smooth texture to the hair. Usually it is done using chemicals, or ironing of hair which can cause damage to the hair in the long run.

Basically it’s the positive hydrogen bonds found in hair’s cortex which cause the hair to become curly, frizzy or bend. Straightening simply breaks down hydrogen bonds which can reform again when exposed to moisture.

The hair straightening brush simply straightens your curly, frizzy hair by just combing it across your hair. Its strong and dense teeth helps the hair straighten faster and makes your hair tangle free.

Benefits :

  • Healthy, frizz free and smooth hair which become easy to handle.
  • No need to apply chemicals and wait for hours for results - Instant hair straightening
  • Locks the moisture inside to give you straight but healthy hair without chemicals.
  • Easy procedure as simple as combing your hair.
  • Cheaper than other straightening methods.
  • Good for everyday use and styling.
  • Keeps the shine and volume of hair intact.

Features :

  • The brush’s teeth come with a unique technology of even heat throughout which helps maintain the quality of hair and gives instant results.
  • Equipped with adjustable temperature display which lets you adjust the heat according to your suitability.
  • Inbuilt overheating protection system automatically shuts off the heat to protect your hair from damage while straightening.
  • Its compact and miniature design makes it portable and easy to carry anywhere.
  • Its dense and wide teeth helps the hair straighten faster and provides professional results in short time.
  • Comes with a 3 in 1 function of straightening, detangling, massaging of hair.


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