Advanced Fabric Lint & Fuzz Shaver


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Lint / Fuzz remover is basically used to renew / refresh your fabric from fuzz, lint, and pill balls usually found on woollen clothes, or other fabrics, blankets after wash. Fuzz remover easily shaves off fuzz balls and lint seamlessly within 3 minutes and you get a renewed fabric with a new alike look.

The replaceable 3 leaf sharp blades are covered with a honeycomb foil, which ensures you fabric does not get cut or damaged. You can also lock the blades after use to ensure safety while cleaning the blades or for children safety. Works on battery also on power plug and its powerful 5W motor efficiently removes fuzz, and lint from your clothes instantly.

Appropriate to be used for garments, fabrics, woollen clothes, jerseys, blankets, bed sheets, household furniture and decor, curtains, sofas, quilts etc.



Benefits :

  • Easily and quickly removes all the lint from your fabric instantly and restores its new look.
  • Light weight and space efficient.
  • Avoids littering of the lint on the floor or landing back on the fabric while you clean and gathers it in a collector.
  •  Easy to hold handle and the honeycomb foil avoids your fabric from being cut or damaged.
  • Simple, effective and affordable fabric shaver, compatible with all types of fabric


Features :

  • Powerful Motor and Stainless steel Blades : Its 5w powerful motor and 3 leaf stainless steel blades moves with a 9000 rpm high speed rotation  to ensure easy and faster removal of fluff from your clothes.
  • Honeycomb Foil: Its blades are covered with a honeycomb foil, which ensures that your fabric is not damaged while shaving the cloth.
  • Locking of Blades: Its feature of locking of blades ensures safety while cleaning of blades or handling of the device.
  • Durable and portable : Its advanced technology and durable material ensures it does not break easily or get damaged. 


Color/Model/Design is sent as per latest availability. A free upgraded model will be provided if above displayed is not available without any additional cost