All in one Unique Multi Functional Trimmer - Micro to Full Body Grooming - Imported


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All in one Unique Multi Functional Trimmer - Micro to Full Body Grooming

Product Description: 

If you have a lot of facial hair, or like to maintain a clean shave even when on the road, the all-in-one switchblade is among the best in the industry. This two in one trimmer has a full size blade that will help keep your beard or sideburns trim and neat. The switchblade trimmer also has a snap on guide that stabilizes it, and improves control during usage. The probability of shaving your eyebrows, or having an unbalanced trim as was the norm using razor blade and traditional trimmers is no longer a concern, when using the switchblade. You are in control of the trimming process. You get the look you want, while using this revolutionary gadget.


This trimmer is a head to toe full body grooming system.
2) You can also use to trim your frontal or back hairline, keeping your head clean and looking good.
3) If you have sensitive skin, or trimming hair from a sensitive part of the body such as such as your ears, eyebrows, nose etc.
4) It will get the job done without causing injuries, or irritating your delicate skin in any way.
5) All-In-One Head To Toe Groomer.
6) German Stainless Steel Blade.


Material: ABS + rubber + stainless steel
Power: 2 AAA batteries (not included)
Built-in LED light

Package contents:

Pruner * 1
Comb attachment * 4
Protective cap * 1
Cleaning brush * 1
User Manual * 1


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