All Organic Activated Charcoal Teeth Powder (Premium)


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Naturally activated Charcoal is an charismatic whitening agent. It naturally whitens the teeth without any damage to the gums or enamel of the teeth. It’s totally safe and very effective. 

Activated charcoal helps in absorbing the pigments that stain the teeth such as tea, coffee, smoking, or any other colouring foods. Hence dental doctors also prefer charcoal to whiten the teeth rather than other products like soda or hydrogen peroxide. 

Charcoal has no taste or smell, hence using it would not bring in any nasty sensations while brushing or even if swallowed by mistake. The RDA score for our product is highest which also implies its completely safe compared to low quality charcoal products with a lower RDA score.

Its recommended to use 1 -2 times a day for atleast 2 weeks for effective results and then maintain the results by using it once in 2 weeks.

Benefits :

  • Made from natural ingredients helps prevent damage to gums and tissues.
  • Removes all stains, pigmentation of teeth and ensures whitening of teeth naturally.
  • Reduces the chances of plague by 99%
  • Kills the bacteria and relieves bad breath.
  • Results in white bright teeth with a bright smile.


Features :


  • Natural ingredients : All the ingredients used in the powder or paste are natural which not only whitens your teeth but also improves the overall oral health.
  • Filtering and Absorbing: Activated Charcoal through its filtering and absorbing properties absorbs all the pigments which stain the teeth resulting in bright white teeth.

  • Organic and no chemicals: It’s completely free of fluoride, hydrogen peroxide or emulsifier. 

  • Safe and distasteful:  It has the highest RDA score which ensures safety of your teeth and enamel. Also does not bring any unpleasant taste while brushing.

  • Easy to use : Just dampen the tooth brush and dip in the charcoal powder. Now brush your teeth for 2 minutes and rinse it with water. 

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