ProBasket Foldable 10-in-1 Mesh Container


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Flexi-Foldable Strainer - one of the most important thing required in the kitchen. This multifunctional product is made of 304 stainless steel and can be used as a strainer, storage basket, Colander, or a Water Drainer. Convenient to use, durable and corrosion resistant.

Its handles makes it easier to move the strainer right from the sink to the frying pan. Insert it directly into the frying pan and easily remove once the food is fried. The best way to drain off excess oil from the food. You can also use it to store fruits and vegetables or wash them directly under the tap. It can also be used as a steamer to steam your food or boil and remove it easily with the handles. The handles stay cool to touch.

The foldable strainer falls flat when not in use, so that it can be stored without using much space or just hang it with the help of its handles.


  • Easily wash multiple veggies in a single basket and drain off excess water in the sink.
  • Boil small pieces of veggies or deep fry them and remove them from the pan in one go.
  • Removes excess oil or water immediately in the pan itself by just lifting it up.
  • Does not burn your hands while removing it from hot oil or water as the handles stay cool.
  • Convenient to wash and store without taking much space in your kitchen.



  • Multi-Use : Easily wash, boil, or deep fry your food without burns and excess oil. Use it to rinse vegetables or steam your veggies.
  • Easy Storage : Foldable and falls flat when not in use, can be stored just like a plate.
  • Less Burns and convenient : The handles stay cool to touch which makes it easier to remove your food from the pan with the help of handles.
  • Flexible Folding : Use the handles downwards to make the strainer stand freely in the pot. Fits any pot due to flexible folding of the basket.
  • Safe to use : Made of stainless steel it does not rust and has smooth surfaces. Very environmental friendly.

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