Easy home cleaning tool & disinfectant


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Easy home cleaning tool is made from good quality aluminum pole and microfiber mop pad which attracts dirt, dust, hair and Grime. The material used makes the complete set light weight, and henceforth easy to use by everyone on daily basis.

Absorbs the small dirt and dust particles.

Light weighted, convenient and and easy to clean

The microfiber pad is made from soft microfibers and machine washable. After the wash, it can be re-used several times.

Safe to use on all floor types including hardwood, vinyl, laminate, tile, marble and many more

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Easy home cleaning tool

SPRAY TRIGGER allows you to spray as much or as little liquid as you desire & thus saves water

360 ROTATABLE MOP FRAME reaches hard to reach areas, edges & corners for home and office use

REFILLABLE LIQUID BOTTLE allows you to mix your own cleaning solution for cleaning

Easy to assemble 

  • Align the mop head with the microfiber pad
  • Track and place the connector of mop head to hold the main body.
  • Give a downward pressure to fix them
  • Now, place the pole into the main body of mop head
  • Connect one of the pole into the connector of another one
  • Press the handle of the spray bottle to check if the water is sprinkling from it.

It’s ready to use now!

Easy home cleaning tool & disinfectant

Cleaning Mops have been a revolution to the society. It enables home-maker or cleaning staff to clean the floors with ease whether it’s home, office or other institutions.

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Package includes:
1 x Mop pole
1 x Microfiber pad
1 x Mop head
1 water storage tank

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